BBQ’s & Ovens

Eva Calor Angelica (Integrato)

Price: 4,430.00

Eva Calor Roberta (Integrato)

Price: 4,520.00

Eva Calor Roberta (Non Integrato)

Price: 4,195.00

Eva Calor Vittoria (Integrato)

Price: 5,955.00

Eva Calor Vittoria (Non-integrato)

Price: 5,625.00

Eva Calor Virginia (Integrato)

Price: 6,075.00

Eva Calor Virginia (Non integrato)

Price: 5,750.00

Eva Calor Nina (Incased Version) (Ceramic Glass – Black)

Price: 2,320.00

Eva Calor Nina (Incased Version) (Metal – Black)

Price: 2,195.00

Eva Calor Nina (Ceramic Glass – Ivory/Red/Black)

Price: 2,210.00

Eva Calor Nina (Metal – Ivory/Red/Black)

Price: 2,095.00

Eva Calor Enrica

Price: 3,135.00

Eva Calor Biscotto

Price: 2,430.00

Comap Cooky

Cooky is a cast iron BBQ and

Price: 1,325.00

Linea Vz Gavi BBQ

Barbecue with fireplace, support and contour

Linea Vz Ravello Oven

Garden oven ready to use for bread and pizza,

Linea Vz Capri Oven

Made entirely of crushed refractory high alumina

Linea Vz Tremiti BBQ

Barbecue with fireplace and table top in

Linea Vz Napoli Pizza Oven

Oven prefabricated to use family dome made

Linea Vz Ponza Oven

Oven prefabricated garden for bread and pizza,

Rika Formenetera BBQ

Barbecue made ​​in a special mixture of