Linea Vz Capri Oven

Made entirely of crushed refractory high alumina content. The height from the bottom of the vault and its parabolic shape allow a homogeneous heating of the base and then a perfect cooking. Our ovens due to their characteristics, can be installed on the outside, with a protective cap, inside, single or combined with fireplaces.
Technical data:
Weight: 360 lbs
Cooking: Ø 72×70 cm
Smoke outlet: Ø 14 cm
Internal H: 35 cm
Mouth Size: 47 x 23.5 cm
Cooking capacity: up to 3 pizzas Ø 30 cm

Elements of composition:
2 bases in refractory
4 Domes in refractory
2 Fund refractory
1 Front door with the support
1 Half moon with nozzle
1 Bow mouth
1 flue outlet connection
1 Port
1 Thermometer
Fixing clamps

Optional elements:
Insulation of rock wool