Linea Vz Napoli Pizza Oven

Oven prefabricated to use family dome made ​​of crushed refractory to high alumina cement and melted, fire made ​​of crushed refractory. The height from the bottom of the vault and its parabolic shape allow a homogeneous heating of the base and then a perfect cooking. Our ovens, by their nature, can be installed outside, with proper protection, within which, individually or combined with fireplaces.
Technical data:
Weight: 254 lbs
Cooking: Ø 85 cm
Smoke outlet: Ø 20 cm
Internal H: 41 cm
Mouth Size: 47 x 27 cm
Cooking capacity: up to 3 pizzas Ø 30 cm

Elements of composition:

3 Baseplates
4 Voltini
1 Steel Door
1 Thermometer
Fixing clamps

Optional elements:
Fund armed Naples
Arc mouth to Naples
Rock wool insulation thickness
10 100 cm density (no. 1 roll of 2 square meters.)