Flues Chimneys

MC Fumisteria Wood Stoves Flue Set

Heavy pipe for wood burning

MC Fumisteria Insulated flue set

We supply complete set with 100 and 130mm

MC Fumisteria Magnolia Flue Set 80mm

After years of experience in the supply of pipes

MC Fumisteria Stainless Steel Flue Set

Our range of Stainless Steel Flues and

MC Fumisteria Pellet Stoves Flue Set

Accessories for pellet stoves are made of 12/10

Installation For An Extension

When installing a stove in an extension to a

Chimneys For Workshop Stoves

We carry a range of dedicated workshop flue pipe

Flexible Chimney Liner System

When lining and insulating existing chimneys

Pumice Chimney Liner System

For new builds and complete renovations. Pumice

External Insulated Flue System

When building a chimney on an existing building

Internal Insulated Flue System

When building a chimney internally in an existing