About Us


Kindel Heating ‘s objective is to offer quality heating solutions with the optimum use of resources.

Our high quality stoves and fireplaces are highly efficient delivering the maximum power output per kilo fuel consumed.

This is a very important factor when considering the ever rising prices of fuel and hence, utility bills.

About Us


We believe that nothing burns cleaner than wood – with every piece of wood burned releasing the same amount of Carbon that it consumed to grow.

It is therefore carbon neutral – a stark contrast when using fossil fuels like gas or oils or electric heaters!

Kindel Heating also offers quality eco-friendly pellets and logs which can be delivered directly to your door step – free of charge.

About Us


Since our stoves and fireplaces require a flue or a chimney, we will be more than happy to assist you at every stage to deliver a complete solution.

From design right to installation our trained and experienced team can handle every aspect to ensure the optimum operation of your stove or fireplace.