Linea Vz Small


Pellet Stove simple design and nice that with its small footprint makes it particularly suitable for placement in small spaces. Technical data:

Thermal power: 7.6 Kw
Yield: 83%
Autonomy max: 30 h
Heated volume: 180 m3
Fuel tank capacity: 20 kg.
Pellet consumption: 0,7 – 1,5 kg / h
Dimensions flue pipe: ø 80 mm
Dimensions air intake: ø 40 mm
Power consumption: 50/300 watt
Stove Size: W45 x D42 x H95 c.
Weight: 90 kg Available colors : anthracite, burgundy and beige.

small1   small2


Global Power: 8.5kW
Nominal Power: 7kW

Price: € 1520