Linea Vz Corner

Pellet stove with soft lines and rounded covered with painted sheet metal, designed to be inserted at an angle and that makes it particularly suitable to be located where the normal stoves fail to take full advantage of the measures of the angle given its limited depth only 55 cm side. Specifications :

Thermal Power: 9 Kw
Yield: 84%
Autonomy max: 20 h
Heated volume: 200 m3
Fuel tank capacity: 18 kg.
Pellet consumption: 0.8 to 2.0 kg. / Hr
Dimensions flue pipe: ø 80 mm
Dimensions air intake: ø 40 mm
Power consumption: 50/300 watt
Stove Size: W55 x D55 x H93 cm
Weight: 140 kg Available colors : anthracite, burgundy, beige

corner1   corner2   corner3

Global Power: 9kW
Nominal Power: 8kW

Price: € 2730