Moretti C14 WOOD BIS 75

The outstanding resistance of this product is provided by the steel that is used for the housing. The excellent performance is granted by the cast iron utilised for 30% of the fireplace (interior walls and fire level). The fireplace features:
• Ceramic glass resistant up to750° C
• Smoke valves which are both automatic or adjustable depending on the situation
• Vertically sliding and laterally opening door
• Manually adjustable air vents
• Adjustable anti-scratch feet
• Natural convention heating or (with an optional kit) ventilated heating.

Available in the following colours: Black

Weight: 270kg
Measurements: D72 x W83 x H155 cms
Efficiency: 73%
Consumption: average kg/h 5.20
Heating Volume: 400 cu.mtrs


Global Power: 14kW
Nominal Power: n/a

Price: € 3350