Eva Calor Hydro Stufa

These Stoves are hard workers; all we need to do is remember to kindle them. Available in 3 different power units: 14/21/25 KW. Essential lines and a curved front ornamental mantelpiece allow it to be positioned like a piece of furniture. Being strong, reliable, easy to use, with cast iron interiors and with high performance, we do not need to worry about the working of these stoves with the passing of time. The 25 KW version allows us (by means of a special kit) to produce hot sanitary water.

Available in the following colours: Amber, Red and Black

Weight: 202kg
Measurements: L 61 x W59 x H118 cms
Efficiency: 92%
Consumption: max kg/h 5.45 – min kg/h 1.77
Heating Area: 450 / 580 cu.mtrs
Reservoir Capacity: 35kg

Hydro - Stufa

Price: € 5842