Unchained Elegance

The stove that truly lives up to its name. Unique in appearance, with its soft, elegant lines, sliding doors and fire view from the heart of its design.

In addition, it is the only stove with a double range of choices. For those who prefer the standard colour, dove grey or corten is available; the latter is an innovative ‘rust colour’ that has the special characteristic of blending in with sophisticated and non-sophisticated environments.

The opening system with the sliding doors that slide sideways also makes it possible to optimise space and maintain the elegance of a stove that is more than just a means of heating.

The choice of the Unika does not stop there; on the contrary, in response to its name we have made it inimitable and unrivalled in the panorama of pellet stoves. This stove, in fact, has a soul and is the one chosen by those who want to have a work of art and not just a stove. Thanks to innovative technology and production testing, we have created sliding panels on which specially designed works of art can be created.

One of our artists will hand-paint the panels, which will forever remain unique works of art created for you who have chosen class and design, but also a taste for beauty and the preciousness of the work.

UNIKA lives up to its name, because the models are potentially infinite and unlimited, the only limit is ingenuity and imagination!


Our project is called Artistic Fire:

Our artist Silvia Ferrari, a painter for 25 years, thanks to her experience in the artistic field will create a unique and unrepeatable work of art for you that will acquire value with time.

UNIKA, the stove that you can personalise and turn into a work of art! If you have always had a taste for beauty, if you want your stove to blend in with the design of your home, if you want to stand out, you have found what you are looking for. You can choose from standard painting models, or even have one of our artists paint a commissioned work of art on the sliding panels. NO PRINTING, all done by hand, an added value that increases over time!


All powers are 4 STAR certified, which guarantees a 70% reduction in particulate matter compared to non-certified stoves.




Global Power: n/a
Nominal Power: n/a

Prices start from: € 4935