The Revo pellet stove is equipped with the innovative RIKA technology and thus ranks with the Topo and Como, probably the most up-to-date pellet stove. The Revo also has the tried and tested room air-independent operation and uses the energy of the pre-heated combustion air. It also works with a continuous, non-cyclical screw operation. This ensures a considerably lower operating noise and even cosier flames.

This stove makes it easy to relax and enjoy in your own four walls. Enjoy the wonderful pellet warmth on a cold winter’s day with the Revo pellet stove.

Available in the various colours & finishes.

Weight: 149-237kg
Measurements: L 103 x W 52 x H 60 cms
Consumption: max kg/h 2.2 – min kg/h 0.6
Heating Area: 50 – 240 cu.mtrs
Reservoir Capacity: 88kg


Global Power: 11kW
Nominal Power: 9kW

Price: € 4105