The Como pellet stove is a milestone in functional architecture not to say: it is the perfection in pellet stoves. Como is perhaps the quietest pellet stove on the market. As if that were not enough: while most pellet stoves look like a piece of equipment, the Como integrates into the architecture and melts in this way into its surroundings. If you are looking for a timelessly beautiful and elegant pellet stove, the Como is the one for you.

Available in the various colours & finishes.

Weight: 134-222kg
Measurements: L 99 x W 52 x H 55 cms
Consumption: max kg/h 2.2 – min kg/h 0.6
Heating Area: 50 / 240 cu.mtrs
Reservoir Capacity: 88kg



Global Power: 11kW
Nominal Power: 9kW

Price: € 3730