Rika Imposa

The Imposa is a real space wonder and again proves that true greatness has nothing to do with outer dimensions. This RIKA stove demonstrates true greatness like no other stove, combining an impressive inner space with extremely compact outer dimensions. This stove is thus also suitable for large logs. The Imposa stove ensures long-lasting, natural and pleasant radiant heat with its unusual storage mass of 168 kg. The thick layer of stone also guarantees optimum storage. With the result that you can enjoy many hours of blissful warmth.

Another advantage: The manual regulation of the Imposa provides maximum comfort in air feed. This ensures adjustment at a comfortable height without bending and allows you to read off the current setting from a distance. The special, integrated safety function in this stove minimises inadvertent cut-off of the air feed and thus the risk of deflagration.

Available in the various colours & finishes.

Weight: 289kg
Measurements: L 119 x W 57 x H 53 cms
Heating Area: 120 – 260 cu.mtrs



Nominal Power: N/A

Price: € 3250