Kindel The Zen and the Art of Chimney Maintenance

Having a chimney installed at home adds comfort, warmth and character to your living space. However, as with all other household equipment, it needs regular care and attention for it to operate at its maximum capacity. As experts in installation and maintenance of heating solutions in Malta, our team at Kindel Heating shares a few important tips on maintaining your chimney. Don’t put it off until winter – use the summer to get your fireplace ready for the colder months!


1. Curb that creosote

“Curb that what?!” you may be asking. Creosote refers to that buildup of soot and grease along the walls of your chimney. It’s highly flammable, and if left to accumulate over a considerable amount of time, can pose a serious safety hazard. You can use sprays or liquid products which will break down the creosote into ash; afterwards, use a chimney brush to sweep up the remnants so that you can dispose of them. To remove creosote from a wood-burning furnace, apply creosote remover containing trisodium phosphate – a process which should be repeated twice every week for a whole month.


2. Wear the right equipment

Before cleaning the interior of your fireplace or inspecting the insides of your chimney, make sure to put on the correct safety gear. Wear gloves to stay clean and a dust mask to avoid breathing in harmful particles, along with long sleeve clothing and safety goggles to protect yourself from the sharp bristles of the chimney brush.


3. Odds and Ends

Always keep an eye out for the following:

i. Excessive or dark smoke: this could be a sign of fire burning incorrectly or poor air circulation. To fix this problem, prepare a layer of old newspaper and arrange kindling in a cross-cross pattern on top. Adjust your dampers, making sure that they are allowing the air to circulate correctly.

ii. Animals and rain falling into the chimney flue: Prevent this by installing a chimney cap, which could in turn stop heat loss during the winter and act as a barrier against the elements.

iii. A smell of burned wood when not in use: this could be caused by excess creosote which has to be cleaned out. Otherwise, make sure that you close the damper after you’ve finished using the fireplace for the day.


Call in the experts – contact us at Kindel Heating, providers of heating solutions in Malta

Enjoy your summer and leave everything in our hands. Our trained team of professionals will clean your fireplace and chimney from top to bottom, making sure that everything is spick and span and safe to use. We are offering a discount on all services related to heating carried out in July and August – get in touch for more information! Don’t forget to ask about our range of wood-burning heaters in Malta, all of which are designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

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