Kindel RIKA: For All Your Heating Solutions This Winter

Here at Kindel Heating we believe in supporting brands which not only provide products of high quality, but which also share our vision and values. From the land of Mozart, Strauss and the singing family Von Trapp comes yet another Austrian phenomenon – RIKA stoves, renowned for their outstanding design and market leading technology. As top providers of heating solutions in Malta, our team at Kindel Heating shares a few reasons why RIKA stoves are worth investing in.


RIKA Wood Stoves

Enhance the cosy atmosphere in your living room with the warmth and crackle that only a wood-burning heater can provide. With odourless heating from day one and top-quality surface coating for heat resistance, RIKA stoves are more than just a heating solution; they are designed to be a unique piece of furniture for your home, one that embellishes your surroundings and that will complement them no matter your style.


RIKA Pellet Stoves

The benefits of owning a RIKA pellet stove are plentiful: quiet operation, even heat distribution by means of convection, interval self-cleaning and many more. RIKA pellet stoves come in many different shapes and designs, fully serving aesthetic as well as functional purposes. Thanks to technology which is constantly kept up-to-date, owners of RIKA pellet stoves can also control their heaters by means of touch display, a “Warm App” on your smartphone and even via a personal account on the RIKA website.


The eco-friendly qualities of RIKA stoves

One of the best things about using wood-burning stoves is the reduction of emissions that come from fossil fuels; compared to the latter, biomass is a renewable form of energy which gives out as much carbon dioxide as was initially absorbed by the tree. The carbon dioxide released by the burning of the wood is reabsorbed by plants, which either store it or convert it back to oxygen.

RIKA is committed to providing products which are sustainable and which improve the quality of life for all their clients. For eco-friendly heating solutions in Malta, look no further than Kindel Heating!


If you are interested in ordering some of the best heating products that RIKA has to offer, contact us at Kindel Heating – leading distributors of wood-burning heaters in Malta. Our team will be with you every step of the way, and are trained to handle every aspect from design to installation of your stove or fireplace. For more information about our product and services, feel free to contact us via our website or visit our showroom in Attard.

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