Logs For Heating

Firewood needs to be well seasoned in order to get good heat and efficiency from your stove. Newly felled trees contain up to 60% water and the seasoning process takes approximately twelve to eighteen months in order to reduce the moisture content to an acceptable level.

As soon as the tree is felled seasoning begins, logs are stacked to dry in a sunny location for about six months. They are then cut and split to size and placed into sacks and stored under cover in a well ventilated area for a further six to twelve month to complete the process.

Once the logs are dry and well seasoned only then they are delivered to your home, ready to burn on your stove or open fire. In order to keep them dry they should be placed straight into a log store or a well ventilated area, in order to maintain their dryness.

Our Log sacks are 15kg in weight and contain ASH from renewable forests in eastern Europe, though other type of wood is sometimes also available.