Kindel The Carbon Neutrality & Eco Friendliness of Wood Pellets

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? That is a question for another time. For the time being, we will focus on wood pellets.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and before you know it, winter is here.  As top providers of heating solutions in Malta, our team at Kindel Heating shares some benefits of investing in wood pellet stoves.


1. They’re made from recycled material

This source of fuel is made from wood waste and sawdust that is recycled and compressed into pellet form.


2. They produce little to no smoke

Wood pellets are one of the most eco-friendly forms of solid wood fuel available. Once you have the fire started in your stove, you’ll notice that these pellets burn cleanly while producing little to no smoke or ash.


3. They are carbon neutral

Climate change is a serious problem, caused primarily by the carbon dioxide (CO2) released from burning fossil fuels such as oil. The amount of CO2 burnt when wood pellets are used as fuel is equal to the amount the tree absorbed when growing, and are thus considered carbon neutral.


So what exactly is carbon neutrality? Simplified, this term may refer to the practise of balancing CO2 released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels with renewable energy. Such energy creates a similar amount of useful energy in order to compensate for carbon emissions. Alternatively, carbon neutrality may refer to using renewable energy that doesn’t produce CO2 in the first place.


If you’re looking for some of the most efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions in Malta, contact us at Kindel Heating. We offer a range of wood-burning heaters, stoves and fireplaces in Malta, so when you’re huddled around your fireplace this winter, toasty warm toes included, you won’t need to feel guilty about contributing to deforestation or climate change!