Kindel Got Gas? The Dangers of Unflued Gas Heaters

Heaters fill the home with warmth in winter, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. However, what many people aren’t aware of are the dangers of using an unflued gas heater, which is nothing more than a heater without a flue or chimney for the combustion products to be released onto the outside.

Unflued heaters produce a number of harmful agents as a result of combustion, which can have a negative effect on your health. Kindel Heating – providers of functional and stylish fireplaces in Malta- share a few reasons unflued gas heaters should never be used indoors.


Nitrogen Dioxide

Those who have studied chemistry at school know that at low concentrations, nitrogen dioxide is an invisible chemical that is particularly dangerous. It causes or exacerbates already-existing respiratory problems as it inflames the lining of the lungs, causing issues such as wheezing and coughing, whereas individuals who suffer from asthma are especially susceptible to its effects and may experience symptoms more frequently when exposed to such heaters. Children with asthma and older people are most at risk.


Carbon Monoxide

Like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide is not visible and carries no smell, and usually comes from sources inside the home that are not properly maintained or vented. This toxic gas deprives the body of oxygen, leading to reduced alertness, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, weakness and confusion. Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which in some cases, may even cause passing out or death.


Water vapour

Another byproduct of unflued gas heaters, water vapour increases the amount of mould inside the house, which in turn, harms your health. When mould fragments are inhaled, this can result in nasal congestion, chest tightness and throat irritation. It is worth noting that for every 1kg of gas burnt, approximately a litre of water vapour is produced.


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With all this in mind, homeowners should avoid opting for heating solutions that expose them to harmful agents and resulting health risks. If you are looking for a heating option that does not produce indoor air pollution or carry these hazards, consider investing in a stove or fireplace. At Kindel Heating, we stock a range of heating solutions such as stoves or fireplaces in Malta that come in various styles.