Time to ban unflued LPG heaters

We think unflued LPG cabinet heaters are unhealthy, expensive and a fire risk.

So what’s good about them?

Not much other than they’re portable, cheapish to buy and can chuck out quite a bit of heat. Once they were cheap to run, but no longer. Current LPG prices make them the most expensive type of home heating.

When LPG burns it consumes oxygen from the air and replaces it with carbon dioxide and water vapour. With an unflued heater the carbon dioxide and water vapour end up in your house, so the house gets warmer and damper. When the heater is switched off the air cools and the water in it condenses on windows and other cool surfaces.

This is bad news because damp houses are unhealthy to live in.

Then there’s the fire risk. These heaters have an exposed flame. That means if anything gets too close – furniture, toys, children’s nightwear – a fire can quickly start.

We think these heaters should be banned. Their drawbacks outweigh any benefits.