Shino Besson

We really enjoy the warmth in our rooms and also the stove’s looks.

I am very happy with it. Moreover, my kid understand that it is hot so he never tries to touch it.

In actual fact, he pretends to have intentions of touching it to make me stop him šŸ™‚

Top Service

‘Thanks for really top service from you and the team on concept, delivery, installation and after sales. We are all very happy with the new stove.’ Ā 


Kindel Heating changed all that.

ā€œBefore we decided to install a wood pellet stove, like most Maltese we used Gas Heaters and the bedroom Acs to warm up the penthouse in Winter.

The result was usually a very wishy-washy type of warmth that vanished as soon as the heater or AC was turned off. Electricity bills were not very friendly and the Gas Heaters produced their typical smell, water vapour and headache.

Iā€™m quite sure my back pain took root from lugging Gas Cylinders to and fro week after week.

Kindel Heating changed all that.

Today we have two stoves that keep the house as warm as toast with a few hours of use each day. There is no smell or humidity released into the penthouse and our home has this warm glow of two fires.

Kindel brings us the wood pellet bags as often as we need at no extra cost so my back is a great fan too.ā€

David Thake