Eva Calor Petra Slim

Petra is Nadia and Erika’s even more elegant sister.

A front natural stone mantelpiece, a depth of only 25 cm, 9 kW in power, the possibility of back canalization and of hanging it on a wall by means of a special kit, are some of its main features.

Available in: Striped Limestone, Italian slate and Serpentine

Weight: 130 Kg

Measures: L85 x W25 x H102,5 cm

Performance (min/max): 84 % / 89,5 %

Pellet consumption (min/max): 0,8 / 2,3 Kg/h

Sized heated environment: 140 / 200 mc

Reservor capacity: 13,5 Kg

Global Power: 11kW
Nominal Power: 9kW

Price: € 2325