“Pure power”

The line of powerful and compact boilers.

They run on pellets and produce heating water. They are suitable for existing systems with a technical room.

The key words are convenience and autonomy because they are capacious and can be operated remotely, and can be the most valuable aid in managing heat in the home. Cellar model pellet boilers are available in outputs from 25 to 35kW. They are the optimal solution for space-saving pellet heating; they encapsulate technology and efficiency in a small space.

Furthermore, the Etna 35 kW represents the non plus ultra of eco-sustainability, with 5-star environmental certification it reduces emissions to the minimum possible for machines of this power and performance. It also stands out for its efficiency, which stands at 92.3%.

MODELS AVAILABLE 25 kW – 28 kW – 35 kW*

The powers are certified with 4 STARS, meaning they guarantee a 70% reduction in particulate matter compared to non-certified boilers.

*The Etna 35 kW is certified with 5 STARS, i.e. the maximum certification and guarantees an 80% reduction in particulate matter compared to non-certified boilers.



Global Power: 25kW
Nominal Power: n/a

Prices start from: € 5250